Friday, January 10, 2014

Cool space GIF

 HOW to make This SPACE GIF

 step 1

first thing is to make the background layer black.
next you want to select a brush and make it 3 pixels and white
after that you go to the window tab and select the brush tab

Step 2

  • shape Dynamics settings -size jitter 100%
  • Scattering-  turn on both axis, axis 1000%, count of 1
  • other dynamics- flow100%

  • then before painting across create a new layer then paint on it

Step 3

  • Use the ellipse tool from the tool bar to draw out an big circle that covers just a little bit of the bottom of the picture 
  • then turn the circle black 

step 4 - add an outer glow, inner glow and, inner shadow.
  • click on layers tab at top and go to layer style and click on inner glow
  • Inner glow- blend mode= linear dodge, color 62e7ff, size 20, range 60
  • Outer glow- blend mode= linear dodge, color 59b3ff, size 10
  • Inner shadow-blend mode= linear dodge, color 3599ff, turn off global light, angle 90, distance 10 and size 70
 Step 5
  • Search up on Google for a planet texture.
  • copy and paste the planet texture you find to a new document then drag it onto the space document.
  • place the texture just over the circle

 Step 6
  • To add the round feel to the planet you need to hold the control key and click on the circle on the layer area.
  • once you do that, than you click on the filter tab, then click on distort, then spherize.
  • once you have spherized then press the add layer mask button to take away the extra texture

 step 7

  • On the layer with the planet change the blend mode to be overlay with an opacity of 70%
  • then above the planet layer  add a new layer
  • next hold commander control and click on the circle again to select it
  • then get yourself a big but soft brush, color aed077
  • then just put bush stroke at the top of the planet


Step 8
  • make a delicate of the planet layer 
  • then right click on the new layer then take off the layer styles on the new layer
  •  once you have clear the layer styles add another in glow to the new circle 
  • Outer glow- blend mode= linear dodge, 100% opacity, color 419aff, size 155 range 60
  • the go into free transform mode, then squeeze the planet in so that the glow is higher in the middle

 Step 9
  • Add a new layer behind the to circle layers
  • then take a white soft brush about 200 pix and make a dot at the very top of the circle
  • next on another new layer draw a white horizontal line not much longer then the last thing glow you gust drew  with a small brush
  • then go up to the filter tab and click blur the then motion blur. set angle at 0 and distance at 500
Step 10
  • Create another new layer right above the stars layer
  • next for the clouds you need to change the colors in the bottom left hand corner 
  • the top color should be 3e78cf
  • and for the background color make it a pitch black
  • next to add the clouds go to filter, then render than select cloads

Step 11
  • Next add an levels adjustment to the clouds by going to image, then adjust then to level
  • next change the middle number from 1.00 to .70
  • Next duplicate the clouds layer
  • on the bottom layer change the blend to soft light
  • and on the top cloud layer lower the opacity to 25%
Now you are done with making the planet and space

step 12
  • find a picture of and satellite on Google then copy and paste it on to a photo shop document 
  • then use the magic wound tool and lasso tool to cut it out
  •  then drag it to the planet picture     

step 13
  • place the satellite in a place where it looks like it is orbiting the planet then save it as a jpeg
  • next move the satellite very slightly in the direction you want it to be orbiting 
  • then keep doing this till the satellite makes it all the way around the planet  

Step 14
  • once you have all the layer saved in jpeg's open up all thejpegs and drag them onto one the first pic
  • after you do that you are ready to start animating 
  • next you go to the windows tab and select animation
  • once to have the animation bar up click the drop down on the right and select make make slides from layers
  • that will make all of your layers turn into slides you can change the speed of the animation all depending on what you like   

Last step
  • when saving this go save it .
  • go to file , then save for web and device and then make sure it is saved as a gif

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